Thursday, June 28, 2012

NON-TRIVIA QUEST brand and franchise going forward

Non-Trivial Quest is an award-winning family and educational board game for ages 10-110 with 2-8 players or teams.  It is fun and easy to play and is the flip side of trivia, or about all of the important things that you need to know in life. This game demonstrates how we can make thinking and learning fun and interesting about the important things that we need to know in life today. 

This First Edition USA version in English is a limited edition collector’s item about what is relevant and useful knowledge for life in the USA with respect to the world today.  These board games are no longer available from us anymore, but may be found by game retailers including on

Future game versions will be for other countries about the important things to know in life there with respect to the world today. The future games will have the new game name and brand going forward of Non-Trivia QuestTM, with versions in different languages and various media including apps for the Internet, Facebook, iPhone and iPad, plus E-books for interactive learning.

Non-Trivial Quest Kickstarter Project Expires

Thanks so much to all of the backers for the Kickstartter Non-Trivial Quest project.  Your support and belief in the game are very much appreciated.  Though we didn't meet our goal, I will be working hard to develop the game to the next level and promote the new Non-Trivia Quest brand with apps and educational E-books.  Please continue to support the game and to get the word out.

Father Geek Announcement about our Kickstarter Project

On May 21, Father Geek, a major game Web site, published a very nice announcement on "Non-Trivial Quest Moves to Kickstarter." If you go to their Web site and search on "Non-Trivial Quest" at, you will also see a great story on December 15, 2011 about "A Story of Game Design From A Game Designer" and another story "Non-Trivial Quest Game Review" posted on April 7, 2011. A big thanks goes out to them for their support for our game.

The Future of Board Games: Crowd Funding Is the Name of the Game

On May 23, 2012 our press release "The Future of Board Games: Crowd Funding Is the Name of the Game" hit over 200 news publications, including the Wall Street Journal-Market Watch, Reuters, San Francisco Business Times, The Boston Globe, and Yahoo-Finance. A link to the Wall Street Journal and Reuters are below while it is available. Copies of these press releases will be on our Web site soon.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

NON-TRIVIA QUEST will need your support on Kickstarter next week.

Non-Trivia Quest™ (previously Non-Trivial Quest) is a family, party, and educational board game that needs your support to launch our next version under the new name.  We are being forced to change the name of our game due to a trademark opposition from Hasbro. We also want to develop the game into an interactive Internet cloud computing program for cross-platform multi-player use.  Then depending on the amount received from the Kickstarter we will also develop special apps for social media like Facebook and Twitter, then mobile apps for Android, Blackberry, and IOS (i-product) platforms.  

NON-TRIVIA QUEST is an important and different kind of game that deserves you support and backing.  It is the opposite of trivia and about all of the important things in life that we need to know in today's world.  The game is easy to play and utilizes real life common sense things that we all can use in our every day lives. It challenges our knowledge of what we should know and teaches us what we need to know, while making it fun, interesting, and stimulates conversation about the subjects. 

This game can be the next big game like Trivial Pursuit, and can be even bigger because of a broader market appeal including the educational markets as well as for family, party, and social gaming. The goal of the game is to make learning fun and relevant to life today, with the vision is to make a difference and create interest and conversation in useful and important things that we all need to know today.  The original board game was first introduced in 2011 at trade shows where it was well received and has great reviews and awards including 10 Best Games of 2011 by Dr. Toy. 

Our future product roadmaps for the brand and franchise include multi-language products for domestic and international markets in DVDs, electronic devices, E-book media, plus develop versions for specific demographics, ages, and markets including education and home schooling. is very important and needs your support for many worthwhile projects.  It is a valuable funding platform for creative projects in art, music, photography, film, dance, fashion, theater, technology, design, food, publishing, games, and other creative fields. Project creators solicit backers to pledge money in exchange for rewards dependent on their pledge amount such as specialty/novelty/collectors items, copies of work, special or limited editions, memberships or subscriptions.

We will be offering great rewards for your pledging of funds as a backer.  These include subscriptions to apps, badge pins, stress relief dice, limited editions of the original game and the first printing of the new game, plus some autographed game boxes.

We also want you to visit our Web site at to learn more about the game and see the preliminary Kickstarter presentation as it is being developed.  Then we would ask for your comments and suggestions on improvement of the game and the presentation here and/or on the game blog at

In summary, the goal of the game is to challenge our knowledge and make learning fun and relevant to life today, with the vision is to make a difference and create interest and conversation in useful and important things that we all need to know in today’s world.